Check out this Suzuki Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept

Mountain Trail Concept
Written by News Team

Suzuki makes some fun vehicles in its home market, Japan. Though this one is a concept, it is good to see what the designers can imagine. The Mountain Trail Concept is based on Suzuki’s Super Carry pick up truck. It is a high-performance off-road truck.

The Mountain Trail Concept

Imagine this: a rugged diamond front skid-plate, recovery hooks ready for action, an external roll cage, and a front windshield crowned with a commanding light bar. That’s not all – swing open the tube doors, and you’ve entered off-road beast. Inside, you’re greeted by bucket seats, signaling that this isn’t your everyday drive. And if the trail throws a challenge your way, fear not. The Super Carry concept has your back with a spare tyree carrier, jerry cans for extra fuel, and a breaker bar – because off-road adventures demand readiness. The Mountain Trail Concept is powered by 658 cc 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated motor that produces 50 bhp and 59.6 Nm of torque.

Suzuki Super Carry

If you did not know, Suzuki sells the Super Carry in India as a commercial pick-up truck. It is powered by the 1.2L Advanced K-Series engine that makes 80 bhp and is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. There is a CNG variant on offer as well. It comes in different capacities and configurations for the rear load carrier.

Details of the Mountain Trail concept are limited and we do not even know if it will make it to production. Nonetheless, it looks like a fun car to drive on the baddest roads in India.