Hyundai with Red Bull brings ‘Urban-Downhill’ event to India

Written by News Team

Red Bull India has been actively engaging themselves and the community with different adventure activities. The recent activity is the Urban-Downhill an adrenaline-packed event in association with Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

Urban-Downhill Event

Hyundai Motor India has announced an exhilarating collaboration with Red Bull for the debut of the Red Bull Urban-Downhill event. This high-speed mountain biking spectacle involves athletes navigating a downhill adventure course filled with obstacles and high jump ramps. Scheduled for March 2024, the event will unfold in Aizwal, Mizoram, and marks the inaugural partnership between Hyundai Motor India and Red Bull in the country, bridging the realms of automotive innovation and extreme sports.

Renowned for his prowess in the mountain bike 4X discipline, Red Bull Athlete Tomáš Slavík expressed his excitement about the groundbreaking urban downhill project in Aizwal.

Red Bull Urban Downhill, an extreme mountain biking sport, has garnered significant engagement globally and now in India. Recognizing the growing fan base for mountain biking, especially in the Northeast region of India, Hyundai and Red Bull are set to introduce this thrilling sport to Indian enthusiasts with the event titled “Red Bull Urban Downhill Tlang Ruam, Aizwal.” The collaboration aims to act as a catalyst for the sport’s growth in India.

Hyundai and Red Bull are committed to nurturing local interest in extreme sports, evident through engaging content created in collaboration with Tomas Slavik, a UCI 4X World Champion. The documentary, featuring Hyundai’s Venue N Line, will be shared on various social media platforms to build excitement leading up to the Red Bull Urban Downhill event in March 2024.