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Check out the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with e-corner system

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Hyundai has showcased an Ioniq 5 with all-wheel steering. The technology is under experiment with Hyundai Mobis. Unlike other all-wheel steering systems, the e-corner system can turn the individual wheels by 90-degrees sideways!

All wheel steering systems : More Details

In most of the cars, the steering duties are handled by the front wheels. All wheel steering was first introduced in track cars where the rear wheels turn to shave off milliseconds of the lap times. In some longer cars, the rear wheel steering helps reduce the turning radius. But in both these cases, the rear wheels turn only by a few degrees.

Hyundai e-Corner system on the Ioniq 5

Hyundai has installed a new motor, steering and a complicated suspension. This makes the car able to crab walk, zero turns, diagonal movement and even turn on pivot. 

Hyundai Mobis has also shared a video showcasing the vehicle’s abilities. The video showcases what the future holds in this tech. While the test model was the Ioniq 5, it is not the regular production version. The e-corner system is still in the development phase and won’t be coming to the Ioniq 5 immediately.  

One of the main advantage of crab movement is to parallel park, get out of tight spots, and more. Zero turn allows effortless parking in garages or parking lots. The pivot turning allows donuts without any smoke or the typical rubber burning. 

e-Corner system’s applicability 

This system can be installed in many plug-in electric vehicles without taking up major space. This will allow the engineers a lot of freedom and creativity to design electric vehicles. While the idea was first formulated back in 2018, it is only now that we can see it in action.

While Hyundai Mobis has not released more information about the e-Corner, one thing that is clear is the fact that this system will definitely help drivers with an improved handling and agile vehicle. This tech shows us what Hyundai is up to and their constant endeavour to push the envelope of electric vehicle technology.

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