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Bosh testing eClutch on the Honda Brio

Bosh testing eClutch on the Honda Brio
Written by Parichay Malvankar

With AMT gaining popularity in the Indian automotive market, some manufacturers are looking at other similar technologies to offer convenience to the customers.

Bosch is now testing a new Electronic Clutch System (eClutch) for a cable-free electronic clutch pedal. This system, unlike a conventional automatic transmission will modulate only the clutch pedal, and not the transmission. So in city traffic, the driver can commute in 1st gear without having to manually depress the clutch pedal time and again. A sensor detects the process of gear changing and adjusts the engine speed and controls the clutch, resulting in a seamless gearshift.

Testing on a Brio, it suggests that this new technology could make it to the compact car segment first. The cost of the eClutch is also expected to be much lower than a full automatic system. Bosch even claims that fuel efficiency can be bumped up by 10% by using this technology.

The gearshift pattern will remain identical to a manual gearbox, only the operation of the clutch is taken care of.

Does this technology interest you? Or you would rather prefer an AMT or a conventional automatic?


Source – Autocarpro