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BMW Motorrad recalls 20,963 motorcycles to inspect faulty fuel pump

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Written by Nizam Shaikh

BMW Motorrad recalls close to 21,000 motorcycles in the North American market due to a fault in the fuel pump. According to the NHTSA, the faulty fuel pump may be present on as many and 56 BMW Motorrad products from different model years and includes the 2005-2011 BMW R Model motorcycles, 2005-2012 BMW K Model motorcycles, 2010 – 2011 BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle and 2006 – 2010 BMW HP2 motorcycles.

The Problem

According to the recall notice, the fuel pump may develop cracks in both the main pump and the auxiliary pump leading to the leakage of fuel and a risk of fire if the fuel comes in contact with hot engine parts. This may lead to injury or death of the user and also poses a risk to other road users. But it is important to note that no reports of any incidents such as a fire, where the rider may have sustained injuries due to the risk of a fuel leak.

The Remedy

BMW Motorrad will issue a notice to all the BMW Motorrad customers whose vehicle is under recall. BMW will replace the fuel pump along with the flange at the dealership at no extra cost to the customer. The brand will install a new version of the fuel pump which comes with a support ring at the quick connector and the new unit is put together using an automated fastening tool.

In other news

BMW is launching the BMW Motorrad Safari 2021 in India and the BMW Safari will be a point to point tour for 2 to 5 days. Under the BMW Safari, 50+ events will take place at a different destination across India each time. The Safari 2021 experience is available for all the BMW motorcycle owners in India, you only need to have a BMW Motorrad motorcycle and the brand also allows a pillion as riders can complete the route at their own speed.