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Benling launches high speed electric scooter ‘Aura’

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Chinese brand Benling has introduced a new electric two-wheeler for the Indian market. Yes, it looks very much like a Piaggio Vespa, and Benling India Energy & Technology Pvt Ltd call it the ‘Aura’. This is a high speed electric scooter and will be on sale from Q1 of 2020 across India. Benling displayed the Aura electric scooter at the 11th EV Expo in New Delhi last week. The road transport ministry wants all vehicles in India to be EVs by 2030, and Benling thinks they can benefit on this EV wave.

Benling has highlighted that their Aura electric scooter with come with BSAS. Breakdown Smart Assistance System (BSAS) will restart the electric scooter and allow the user to ride it irrespective of any breakdown in the scooter systems. Now more clarity is needed on this, and how it really works.

Powering the Benling Aura is a 2500 BLDC electric motor with a removable 72V / 40 Ah lithium-ion battery pack which will offer 120 km of riding range on a full charge. the battery pack will take 4 hours to get a full charge and the user can ride it at speeds up to 60 kmph. The Aura electric scooter features remote keyless system, USB charging point, anti-theft alarm and a rear wheel locking mechanism.

Benling has already started retail sales for electric scooters such as Kriti, Icon and Falcon in 2019.