Batmobile needs help, running on a flatbed truck

Written by Parichay Malvankar

So, seems like Batman and his Batmobile can’t go everywhere without facing some problems. Seen here, a Batmobile replica is being carried on a flatbed. Doesn’t look like some malfunction, but just that the car is being transferred to a location more safely than it could do on its own, on the road.

Duct tapes around the cockpit area hint that this replica was built or repaired, or something similar was done very recently, and it is now being moved elsewhere. May be for display. Since the Mumbai RTO is cracking down on modified cars on the streets, this could have been a sensible decision to transport the car and not get it impounded.

The mod job looks neat, and even the matte paint quality and finish looks good.

Are you a Batman fan?

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