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Ban on cars older than 15 years

Ban on cars older than 15 years
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Delhi has been reported to have the worst air pollution in the world. In a bid to make it cleaner, the National Green Tribunal has announced that cars over 15 years old will be banned.

This ban is applicable on both petrol and diesel powered cars and if this proposal is approved, it could move out over 10 lakh vehicles off the road in Delhi. These vehicles will be seized by the authorities under the Motor Vehicle Act. The RTOs have also been ordered not to renew registration of such vehicles and neither provide fitness certificates.

The government is also taking measures to place restrictions on car parking as well as overloaded trucks entering the capital city.

What will this mean for vintage car owners? What if a certain car is as fit as it was in its early days? The government needs to answer to all these questions.

Source – ET Auto