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Bajaj ‘Bruzer E101’ is a CNG motorcycle currently in Development

Written by Kanad Kalasur

According to a media report, Bajaj is looking at launching a CNG-Petrol bifuel motorcycle in the Indian market. Currently the product is under development and has been internally Codenamen as Bruzer E101. It is said that this product is in its final development stages and will hit the roads in the next 6-12 months.

Bruzer E101 : More Details

Bajaj has already made some prototype bikes and is planning to soon commence production from its plant in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In terms of a market launch, the bike could be called Platina.

While the specific details have not yet been revealed, it is said that the new bike is expected to lower the running costs as compared with petrol counterparts. Bajaj has also hinted that CNG powered motorbike will work towards reducing the import bill of the country as well as present the entry level 100-110cc segment with a more affordable alternative.

Challenges in the entry level motorcycle segment

Post COVID, the two wheeler segment has not yet reached its previous peak. Furthermore, while the overall two wheeler segment showcased a growth of 10 percent, the entry level 100-110cc segment witnessed only a 5 percent growth.

With the new emission norms, the entry level segment has had a hike of 20 or more percent compared to before. Other contributing factors for the price hike include stricter safety standard as well as increased insurance costs.

FADA and other automobile manufacturers are in talks with the government to reduce the GST rate of alternative fuel vehicles like this CNG-powered motorbike.

Bajaj’s experience with alternative fuels

In the 3W segment, Bajaj is the leader in CNG and LPG offerings. Further, Bajaj has the new Chetak as an EV offering while it also offers ethanol powered vehicles in certain markets.

Thus, this new CNG motorbike would be coming from an experienced CNG manufacturer.

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