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Atom GP1 mini race bike revealed in India

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Atom GP1 mini race bike has been unveiled by CRA Motorsports. This will be used in an all-new championship for young riders later this year. The aim of this move is to motivate youngsters and inculcate a racing culture right from the grass-roots level. It will also offer participants a relatively inexpensive entry to the start of their racing careers.

Atom GP1 mini race bike : More Details

Designed for younger kids, the Atom GP1 will offer 10-17 year olds a chance to participate in the inaugural championship. CRA Motorsports plans to also train adults at a later stage.

With a kerb weight of 85 kg, the GP1 comes with a 4-litre fuel tank. It gets a 159.3cc single-cylinder air cooled engine. This motor is good for 15.05 BHP and 13.85 Nm. The top speed of the bike is claimed to be 105 km/h.

From a production point of view, 250 units can be manufactured in a year.

Pricing of the Atom GP1

The bike will cost INR 3.52 lakh, including 28 percent GST. It is designed and manufactured in India, thereby keeping costs low. Comparatively, imported mini bikes cost around the INR 9 lakh mark accounting for GST and import duties.
Thus, the Atom GP1 mini bike is much more accessible than imported bikes. This will also enable a wider reach across India. It will also provide a much needed impetus to promote motorsports in India.

Atom GP1 Championship : More Details

After the year’s Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship (INMRC) gets over, the Atom GP1 Championship will take place in October 2023. There will be four rounds and they will take place at the Meco Kartopia in Bengaluru. The rounds will be combined with other events.

There will be a minimum of 8 riders and maximum of 15. Unlike a one race format, this event will consist of teams purchasing the bikes and running them with their riders.

For the second year, there are plans to have international rounds in Asian countries. In 2025, CRA Motorsport will host the races in 15 countries, including those in Asia, Europe and USA.

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