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Ather sold 6,410 electric scooters in August 2022

Ather Energy has released its August 2022 sales report. The EV maker posted a total sales of 6,410 units in the given period. This translates to a growth of 297 per cent in terms of Year-on-Year growth. Ather Energy continues to lead its market in the state of Kerala. It retained its position as the leading EV OEM in Kerala with a 34 per cent market share, which is quite remarkable.

Ather Energy’s Expansion Conquest In Full Swing

 With the growing demand for electric scooters, Ather, too, is witnessing significant sales. Thus, to keep up with the demand, it has expanded its retail presence with the inauguration of 3 new experience centres in Pune, Chennai and Ranchi. With these new additions, Ather Energy aims to serve more customers, thus boosting sales. August 2022 is also responsible for Ather Energy’s highest-ever monthly sales figures.

With total deliveries of 6,410 scooters to the customers, Ather Energy is growing at a much steady pace. The demand for EVs has always been strong in the recent few years. But there were some issues with the supply chain constraints as well. Now, Ather Energy has revamped and tweaked its set-up to work on ramping up the supply chain. Thus, this is now beginning to pay off, and thus we see a growth in our production numbers. 

Festive Season To Boost Sales Further

This growing momentum in production will further ease the waiting period for deliveries. Now with this year’s festive season just around the corner, Ather Energy is waiting for emphatic sales reports for the coming months. As has been the case with major automotive makers, we expect Ather Energy to come up with some special festive offers. With the addition of new showrooms and making a name in the EV space, Ather Energy is one of the most desirable makers in the EV scooter segment. 

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