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Ashok Leyland launches turbocharged ecomet STAR 1115 CNG

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Ashok Leyland has launched the ecomet STAR 1115 CNG truck. The new truck falls under the 11.44 T GVW category. Powering the truck is a 144 HP turbocharged engine which promises a superior pickup. The equipped CNG Cylinder capacity ranging from 360L to 480L will ensure the best-in-class single-fill range. This is a boon for drivers as the truck will have a faster turnaround time and a seamless driving experience. This product adds to Ashok Leyland’s already large ICV CNG portfolio in the 11T CNG segment. With the growing demand for cleaner and greener fuel, CNG is becoming increasingly popular in the market.

Key Highlights Of ecomet STAR 1115

To attract a diverse range of customers, the truck gets multiple CNG cylinder options in the form of 360L/ 450 L/ 480 L. Furthermore, customers will also have the option to choose from 17ft, 20ft and 22ft load spans. The truck also gets Slow and fast filling nozzles. It also has superior pipes and sealing to suit all types of CNG stations. The driver will also appreciate the new digital dashboard. It also gets a new Advanced Driver Assist (ADA) feature. 

Ashok Leyland also claims that the heavy-duty axle, suspension, frame and other aggregates offer higher durability. ecomet STAR 1115 also gets a spacious, sturdy, state-of-the-art cabin. Other key features include Advanced Telematics (i-Alert) and remote diagnostics. It also has 24×7 customer assistance through the Uptime Solution Centre.

Other Updates

Ashok Leyland has been updating its range of products at regular intervals. With the high demand for CNG commercial vehicles, the company is now focussing its shift toward green fuel. CNG fuel, while being environmentally friendly, is also economical to the drivers. Thus, it adds to increased savings and profit for truck owners. Leading the commercial vehicle segment, we expect Ashok Keyland to keep updating its products and bring in more innovation. This will help commercial vehicles reach new heights. Thus, it will also attract more customers and businesses.

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