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Aprilia SR 150 & Vespa 150 get ABS variants

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Piaggio has introduced ABS equipped variants to their premium scooter lineup. The Aprilia SR 150 & the Piaggio Vespa 150 scooters now come with a single-channel ABS setup, for the front wheel only. Also, the 125cc models of the Aprilia and Vespa range now come with CBS (Combi Brake System).

From April 2019, all two-wheelers with engine capacity up to 125cc will need to have CBS, and all two-wheelers above 125cc will need to have ABS. That is why we’ve been seeing almost every manufacturer offering ABS & CBS on their products.

The single-channel ABS variant pricing:

  • Vespa VXL 150 ABS – INR 98,310
  • Vespa SXL 150 ABS – INR 1.02 lakh
  • Vespa SXL 150 ABS Product Red – INR 1.03 lakh
  • Vespa Elegante 150 ABS – INR 1.08 lakh
  • Aprilia SR 150 ABS – INR 80,850
  • Aprilia SR 150 Carbon ABS – INR 82,550
  • Aprilia SR 150 Race ABS – INR 89,550

Price list of CBS variants:

  • Vespa VXL 125 CBS – INR 88,250
  • Vespa SXL 125 CBS – INR 91,450
  • Vespa SXL 125 Product Red CBS – INR 92,500
  • Aprilia SR 125 CBS – INR 69,250

There is no other mechanical changes on these scooters except for the braking hardware change. Yes, the weight would have gone up marginally, but the scooters now become a lot more safer.

Combi Brake System applies equal force on the front and rear wheels to alloy for a safer stop. ABS system prevents the wheels from locking in hard braking situations which can prevent a slide, and hence ensure safety.