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Apollo Tyres & Tata Power setting up EV charging stations

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Indian tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres has partnered with Tata Power to set up EV charging stations across the country. Following its visions of #DoGreen and committing towards Green mobility, the two companies will establish public charging stations for EV customers. Tata Power will deploy the new EV charging stations at Apollo Tyres’ Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Zones around India. Currently, Tata Power has built its presence across all segments of the EV charging ecosystem by offering various chargers.

These include the DC 001, AC, and Type2, Fast DC chargers that offer up to 50 kWh of charging power. Along with offering 240 kWh chargers for buses, the company will offer charging for two and four-wheelers at charging stations. Following the agreement with Apollo Tyres, Tata Power will set up the charging stations across 150 brand retail outlets. Customers can visit these tyre retail outlets in order to charge their EVs at any given point throughout the year.

Future Plans & Achievements of Tata Power

So far, Tata Power has created an extensive EV charging infrastructure that consists of more than 1000+ EV charging points. Placed across 200 different countries under the EZ Charge brand, the charging stations showcase a digital platform for easy charging. Tata Power has ensured to place these EV charging stations across offices, malls, retail outlets, and other public places. Via this charging network, the company has enabled clean mobility across India and reduced the range anxiety amongst the masses.

Tata Power’s EZ Charger ecosystem also covers the entire value chain of Public Chargers, Captive chargers, Bus Chargers, and Home chargers. Along with developing a robust software platform for EV customers, the company has also launched the ‘Tata Power EZ Charge’ app. Customers can use the app to locate the EV charging stations, charge their EVs, and even make payments online. Tata Power states that the development and availability of EV charging infrastructure is a key requirement for adopting electric mobility.

Other News 

Recently, Apollo Tyres unveiled its plans of using EVs to conduct last-mile deliveries in an effort to reduce emissions. By taking its first step towards reducing its carbon footprint across its value chain, the manufacturer will proceed with deliveries. These deliveries will begin from its regional distribution centre (RDC) towards its multiple Business Partners in Bengaluru.

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