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Ampere electric scooter prices reduced up to INR 9,000 with FAME II revised subsidy

Written by Nayak

Ampere electric scooters announce a price reduction for its range of products. The recent amendment of the Fame II has made owning electric vehicles much more affordable and lucrative. Ampere vehicles will now receive a price cut of up to INR 9,000. Given the rising demand for electric vehicles in India, subsidies like Fame II are vital factors favouring the growth of electric vehicles in India. This is a global trend that is being observed in almost all countries. Many of the luxury car makers are also shifting their focus away from traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Updated Price Of Ampere Electric’s Range Of Products

Two products to receive the price cut in the Ampere scooter’s stable are Zeal and Magnus Pro. The Ampere Zeal which used to retail at INR 68,990 ex-showroom before, now receives a price reduction of INR 9,000 and now has a price tag at INR 59,990 ex-showroom. Magnus Pro also received a price cut of INR 9,000, and now the revised price stands at INR 65,990 ex-showroom from earlier INR 74,990 ex-showroom. Ampere Motors is one of India’s emerging electric vehicle companies, with a customer base of over 80,000. The company has a strong presence in both B2C and B2B segments. The company currently has over 330 outlets present in 260+ towns and cities across the country.

In Other News

The electric vehicle segment is expected to grow at a much faster pace in the near future. Many automotive companies have joined this bandwagon, and the competition is increasing day by day. But, this is a good thing for the customers as they will now have a plethora of options to choose from. Ampere Motors is also working hard to offer its customers the best in the class features and offerings. In addition to this, Ampere is launching innovative campaigns like ‘Ampowering Change’, reflecting the advantages of electric vehicles over their fossil fuel-powered counterparts.

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