8 reasons to buy MG Gloster over Fortuner, Endeavour & Alturas G4

Written by Parichay Malvankar

If you’re planning to buy a 7-seater premium SUV here in India, you have a total of 4 options. MG offers you the Gloster, Toyota has the Fortuner, Ford sells the Endeavour, and Mahindra retails the Alturas G4. Let’s get the question of ex-showroom price answered first. MG’s Gloster is priced between INR 29.98 lakh – INR 36.88 lakh. Toyota Fortuner prices range between INR 30.34 lakh – INR 38.30 lakh. Ford’s Endeavour starts at INR 29.99 lakh and goes up to INR 36.25 lakh. And, the Mahindra Alturas G4 demands between INR 28.73 lakh – INR 31.73 lakh.

So, if you’re going to spend big bucks to bring home any of these SUVs, which are priced pretty close to each other, let us give you eight good reasons to buy the MG Gloster.

MG Gloster – Size:

With every car that they sell, MG Motor India has a habit of bringing you something best-in-class. In a segment where customers want more real estate on wheels, which they think suits their status. The MG Gloster also overshadows its competition. The Gloster measures 4,985 mm in length, 1,926 mm in width, 1,867 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2,950 mm. This means that the Gloster is not just the longest but also the tallest SUV in its class, along with the most room between the front and rear wheels. Also, the SUV rides on 19″ rims, which again are the largest in the segment.

So if size matters to you, there is no denying the fact that almost everyone will have a hard time missing the Gloster out on the streets. And hey, if you think this will be a big and slow piece of metal on the run, you are wrong. MG Motor India has put under the hood a 2.0L turbocharged diesel motor that produces class-leading 218 PS of power with 480 Nm of torque. The powerful motor comes with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. It is a big SUV, but it is not just all SHOW and no GO. Because the Gloster also comes with 4WD with Terrain Selection modes. Not bad, eh?

3rd Row Space:

With size, which can be termed ‘XL’ as per segment standards, you’re also getting respectable space on the inside. Since this is a proper 3-row, body-on-ladder SUV, it does matter if 6/7 adults can be seated comfortably. The MG Gloster has the roomiest 3rd-row seat on offer when compared to the competition. There is a phenomenal amount of legroom, and these seats are not just restricted to kids.

No denying the fact that you will have your knees pointing a little upwards with not so ideal thigh support. But it is still much better by a h-u-g-e margin in comparison with what its rivals offer. Plus, if you’re buying the 6-seater captain-seat variant, you have that extra gap between the 2nd row to stretch your legs. Exterior dimensions justified.

MG Gloster – ADAS:

Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS in this segment is a welcome addition. While MG might be the first mover with all of these with their Gloster. We are sure competition is now working hard to introduce some of this kit in their cars too. The Gloster comes with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Automatic Parking Assist (APA), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Out of these; ACC, FCW, AEB, BSD & LDW are some of the first-in-segment features.

For a car of this size, blind spot detection is instrumental in a country like India, where driving sense is not all that great. Also, on your long drives, adaptive cruise control with lane departure warning turns out to be very useful to reduce your effort while munching miles. All of these features also make the Gloster a smarter choice.

Panoramic Roof:

In India, the weather is not very friendly to have a glass section on the roof. But, having a sunroof is a big draw for customers in today’s day and age. The MG Gloster has the largest dual-pane panoramic sunroof in its class. The only other SUV with this feature is the Ford Endeavour. One cannot deny how magical it feels to look up at the sky, listening to your favourite music and watch those drops of rain tell their story. You can give voice commands to open the sunroof and feel the wind in your hair as and when you wish.

Ambient Lights:

To set the mood just right, visual aspects are just as crucial as aural notes. The MG Gloster comes with 64 colour ambient lighting, which lets you set the theme depending on your mood. So you might be driving to work or heading to your favourite club or just out on a casual drive; your eyes can be treated to what they truly desire. And it does make a huge difference. If you haven’t been in a car with ambient lights, check any vehicle with this feature, if not the Gloster, and you’ll know.

i-Smart 2.0, Connected Car Features & 12-speaker sound system:

Ever since they entered the Indian market, MG Motor India has offered connected car features in all of their cars, and the Gloster is no different. With more than 70 connected features, remote operation of the vehicle, 100+ voice commands, 31.2 cm colour display touchscreen unit, integrated Gaana app, Apple Carplay & Android Auto; infotainment is at your fingertips. MG also offers a 12-speaker sound system, including a subwoofer and an amplifier for that disco on wheels feeling. The primary infotainment also provides a 360-degree camera view to help you move this big & butch SUV safely out of tricky parking spots.

Driver Comfort & Convenience:

Driving the Gloster is not all that difficult. From behind the wheel, this SUV masks its overall size quite well. For comfort and convenience, the driver seat is 12-way power adjustable with 4 levels of lumbar support adjustment. On a sunny day, you can cool the seats, and if you’re playing around in the winter, the seat has heating functionality as well. If you want to be pampered on the go, the driver seat also has a massage function which no other SUV in the segment offers. And not just comfort, with Driver Fatigue Reminder System, MG Motor India has also kept safety in check.

MG Shield:

Finally, when you’re spending so much of your hard-earned money on a vehicle, you want some peace of mind as well. For a hassle-free ownership experience, the brand offers a 3+3+3 package which includes 3 years / 100,000-kilometre warranty + 3 years RSA + 3 labour-free periodic services. Currently, MG has over 200 after-sales service touchpoints to ensure that your Gloster is well cared for.