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7,290 Honda Amaze cars recalled for steering wheel fault

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Honda’s recently launched Amaze has encountered a fault in the mechanicals. The brand has recalled a total of 7,290 units of the Amaze sedans for a problem with the steering wheel. Amaze sedans manufactured between 17th April 2018 to 24th May 2018 are subject to this recall.

Honda reveals that they would perform a product update on the EPS sensor harness of the Amaze. It could be possible that the EPS (Electric-Assist Power Steering) could result in a heavy steering wheel and also, the EPS hazard light could pop up on the dashboard. If necessary, Honda would replace the EPS column on these recalled cars. All this would be carried out free of cost to the customers, at the nearest Honda dealership.

The recall begins from 26th July 2018 and Honda will contact each customer individually.

Also, customers can check if their car is subject to this recall by entering their VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the special microsite which has been created for this recall.