5 reasons why clutch-free iMT is better than a manual gearbox

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

The demand for manual driving with Intelligent Manual Technology (iMT) is reaching new highs. Customers are more than willing to opt for the iMT transmission offered by Hyundai and Kia. The reasons are quite convincing as well. We will look at them closely.

Key Reasons For Choosing An iMT Over A Manual

First is the thrilling clutch-free drive experience.

With the clutch, there’s a sense of fatigue and engine stalling at lower speeds. But, as iMT offers a clutch pedal-free drive but with manual gear shift control it is a win-win. iMT also eliminates the pain points associated with traditional manual transmissions. Thus. drivers can still shift gears manually using the gear lever but have to engage the clutch pedal. This makes driving much more enjoyable and trouble-free. This technology gives the driver both freedom and ease of driving a manual transmission without the hassle of a clutch pedal. iMT is the best answer given India’s traffic and road conditions.

 Improved fuel efficiency

Very different to traditional manual transmissions, iMT optimises the engine’s power output and reduces fuel consumption. Actuators control the clutch operation with the help of the Transmission Control Unit (TCU). Thus leading to a more efficient drive. With better fuel efficiency, it reduces the carbon footprint. Thus with an iMT, customers will take a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

No-vehicle roll-backs on inclined surfaces

Driving in hills and on escalation is quite challenging and worrisome. The fear of the car hitting the vehicle behind you is always there. But, not so with the iMT. It minimises this issue completely so that drivers can have a stress-free and safe drive on the hills.

Engine stalling in high gears

At low speeds, engine stalling is a very prevalent issue in city and highway driving. But with the use of an iMT, this can be tackled.

Reduced maintenance costs

Companies are also claiming reduced maintenance costs and improved clutch life. iMT makes use of advanced features such as the intention sensor, hydraulic clutch actuator, and electronic transmission control unit. And thus it reduces maintenance costs overall including the clutch life.

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