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4 month waiting period for Tata Nexon EV Max

Tata Motors seems to have perfected knowing the aspirations of the customers. Within days since the launch of the Nexon EV Max, the EV is already having a waiting period of 4 months. The maximum interest is coming from the standard Nexon EV owners waiting for the delivery of their cars. With a bigger battery pack, Nexon EV Max ensures a longer riding range and more power as well. That’s

not all, and there are some added noticeable features too. As per reports, the deliveries for the Nexon EV Max will start in early June. Interestingly the waiting period for the standard Nexon EV is around 6 months now.

What Are The Differences?

To clear any doubt, there’s no change to the exterior whatsoever. Thus both the standard and Max trim are exactly the same. In fact, there’s not even a ‘Max’

badge to differentiate it from the standard version. However, you can look for the rear discs in the Max if you want to identify the trim from the outside. The alloys are of a new design, and there’s also a new paint shade on the palette. On the inside, there’s a new quirky drive mode selector, which now gets a screen on top.

Other changes include an electronic parking brake switch, buttons to adjust the regenerative braking and a wireless charging pad. A bummer is that the rear seat floor is a bit high now, a con for tall passengers for sure. This has been done to accommodate the larger battery pack. In addition to this, the equipped larger battery packs also result in a ground clearance 15mm less than the standard trim and 100kg more kerb weight.

Which One To Choose?

Pricing for the new Nexon Max starts at INR 17.74 lakh and tops out at INR 19.24 lakh (ex-showroom). Hence, it costs between INR 1.54 to 2.04 lakhs more than the standard trim, but given the added kit and range on offer, the Max trim does make sense for heavy city usage customers.

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