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3,00,000 Matter Aera geared electric bikes to be powered by Airtel IoT

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Matter Motor Works announces its collaboration with Bharti Airtel. This partnership aims to incorporate Airtel’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution into Matter AERA. This is India’s first and only geared electric motorbike.

What Is This Partnership All About?

As part of this partnership, Airtel will facilitate the integration of advanced automotive-grade E-Sims. This will happen for all Matter AERA motorcycles, which have been available for pre-booking since May 17th. Initially, 60,000 Matter bikes will come equipped with Airtel E-Sims. Thus, offering a smart and connected experience powered by Airtel’s extensive nationwide network. The long-term plan is to produce more than 300,000 of these motorcycles within the next three years.

Airtel’s state-of-the-art IoT platform, known as “Airtel IoT Hub,” will enable real-time tracking of these vehicles. They will provide advanced analytics to monitor performance. This will ensure high reliability and robust security through telco-grade measures.

Airtel And Its Plans In The Connected Experience

Airtel’s partnership with Matter Motor Works will provide top-notch connected mobility solutions. With India setting ambitious goals to reduce its carbon footprint, green mobility is set to play a crucial role. This partnership aims to set new industry benchmarks. Thus demonstrating how technology can empower efficient services and solutions for companies embracing technological advancements. Airtel remains at the forefront of driving the IoT agenda. They are actively collaborating with various companies in sectors such as electric vehicles, automotive, utilities, logistics, and fintech. It is confident that Airtel will play a critical role in India’s IoT journey in the coming months.

Matter Motor Works And Its Future Aspirations

By incorporating Internet connectivity, Matter’s AERA motorbike aims to revolutionise connected experiences. Thus, positioning itself as the smart bike of the future. Matter Motor Works collaboration with Airtel will embark on a journey of on-the-go connectivity. Thus, harnessing the power of IoT to continuously enhance user experiences.

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