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BattRE announces Low-Cost EV charging stations in India

Written by Nayak

Stringent fuel emission norms are being laid down across all the countries and India is no different. Indians have already started looking for alternatives and as it stands Electric Vehicles are the future in the automotive industry. However, proper infrastructure like charging stations and services will play a key role in revolutionizing the electric mobility in India.

A lot of startups are coming up with innovative ideas to provide low-cost hassle-free services to the emerging electric vehicle market. One such startup is BattRE, a tech-driven EV startup which looks into building a low-cost charging point ecosystem which will be powered by RevOS.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is planning to permit setting up charging points at workplaces, offices and offline stores which will help build a well connected robust EV infrastructure. Thus, BattRE is providing customers with a low-cost peer-to-peer charging service and simultaneously enabling the station owner an optional source of income. BattRE plans to add over 500+ e-charging stations across the country. The payment would be directly paid to the station owners via UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Setting up of charging points can help generate a side income for local Kirana stores and households as well. Users will get the details of all the nearby charging stations via BattRE’s mobile app.

BattRE Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd, or popularly known as BattRE is an emerging startup based in Jaipur. The core values which reflects BattRE is mitigating against carbon footprints, noise pollution and setting up a well-organised traffic system. It was founded by former Airtel executive Nishchal Chaudhary in the year 2017. The startup is currently being incubated with Sangan Ventures (Niti Aayog) an investor specializing in clean technology investments.

REVOS Auto-tech was founded in 2017 and it aims in establishing an AI-integrated IoT solution that will cater to the safety of all the 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers in India. REVOS will help automakers in a next-gen smart connected ecosystem wherein it will connect and monitor vehicular data and explore all the possible business models.