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2021 MG Hector launched at 12.90 lakh, facelift arrived in 18 months since debut

Written by Nizam Shaikh

MG Motor India has launched the Hector facelift in the Indian market at the price of INR 12.90 ex-showroom, India. The outgoing model was priced at INR 12.84 lakh ex-showroom, India. Between the 2019 model and the new 2021 model, the price difference is INR 6,000 on the ex-showroom price. The new MG Hector comes with mild cosmetic changes to the exterior, added equipment to the interiors and new features such as Hinglish voice commands for the MG Virtual assistant. 

The MG Hector is not a very old car in India. The SUV made its debut in the middle of 2019 and in just 18 months time the brand has already rolled out a facelift model which shows the brand’s commitment towards the Indian market. The MG Hector with its Hinglish voice assistant further strengthens its commitment towards the Indian people, which is also another industry-first feature that the brand is now synonymous with. 

The Chinese-owned British brand has sold more than 40,000 MG Hector 5-seater SUVs in the Indian market, which shows that the brand has built a strong community of customers with its first product. The brand has taken feedback from its customers as well as automotive experts to make the changes in the 2021 Hector 5-seater SUV. 

For 2021 the new MG Hector facelift comes with a new ‘Thermopressed’ radiator grille with studded chrome accents, a dark tailgate applique instead of the red applique that runs between the tail lamp clusters, Dual Tone exterior paint, 18-inch dual-tone machined alloy wheels, industry-first Hinglish Voice Commands, Champagne and Black dual-tone interiors, auto-dimming IRVM, Wireless Charging Pad, new ambient lights the illuminate the door trims & transmission tunnel and new Ventilated Seats. The new MG Hector also gets a new Hector Badge and an updated 10.4-inch vertically-oriented iSmart touchscreen infotainment system.

The new MG Hector comes with sim-based connected features and even on the predecessor the occupant can use voice assistance for various commands such as air-conditioning controls, power window controls, to open and close the sunroof, and to operate the in-car infotainment system. This touch-free feature allows the driver to concentrate on the road ahead. Now, for the Indian market, the brand has introduced Hinglish commands which is a mix of Hindi and English. Following is the list of commands that can be given to the MG Hector facelift in Hinglish (Hindi+English).

S.No Function Command Command
1 play radio Radio chalao Radio चलाओ
2 Radio Bajao Radio बजाओ
3 switch on AM/play AM AM  chalao AM चलाओ
4 play FM radio/play FM FM Bajao FM बजाओ
5 Next station FM Chalao FM चलाओ
6 Agla Radio Station अगला Radio स्टेशन
7 previous station Pichla Radio Station पिछला Radio स्टेशन
8 increase the volume Volume badhao Volume बढ़ाओ
Volume up
9 Volume down Volume Kam Karo Volume कम करो
10 Open the sunroof Sunroof Kholo Sunroof खोलो
11 Khul Ja Sim Sim खुल जा सिम सिम
12 Close the sunroof Sunroof Band Kar do Sunroof बंद कर दो
13 AC on please
auto AC on AC on kardo AC ON कर दो
14 AC off please AC Band Kar do AC बंद कर दो
auto AC off
15 temperature up Temperature badha do Temperature बढ़ा दो 
16 Mujhe Thand Lag Rahi hai  मुझे ठण्ड लग रही है
17 cool down Temperature kum kar do Temperature कम कर दो
temperature down
18 increase fan speed Mujhe Garmi lag rahi hai  मुझे गर्मी लग रही है
19 Fan speed badha do  Fan Speed बढ़ा दो 
20 decrease fan speed Fan Speed Kam Kar do Fan Speed कम कर दो
21 Next song Agla Gaana अगला गाना
22 Previous song Pichla Gaana पिछला गाना
23 play favourite song Mere Waale Gaane Baja do मेरे वाले गाने बजा दो
24 Switch to navigation Navigation Chalao Navigation चलाओ
25 find gas station/petrol pump Petrol Pump Dhundho Petrol Pump ढूंढो 
26 find hospital Hospital Dhundho Hospital ढूंढो 
27 find restaurant Restaraunt Dhundho Restaraunt  ढूंढो  
28 go home Ghar Chalo Ghar चलो 
29 go to office Office Chalo Office चलो 
30 Kaam Par Chale काम पर चले
31 Play Music Music Chalao Music चलाओ