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1st Bentley Mulliner Bespoke Edition for India

Written by News Team

Bentley Motors, renowned for its luxury and craftsmanship, introduces the Opulence Edition, the first-ever Mulliner Bespoke Edition tailored exclusively for the Indian market. Crafted to perfection at Bentley’s Crewe, England facility, each of the five individually curated models showcases a unique blend of exterior and interior finishes inspired by the colors of the Indian flag.

Bentley Mulliner Bespoke Edition

The Opulence Edition for India is a limited production of just five vehicles, comprising a Continental GT Speed, a Flying Spur Speed, and three Bentayga EWB Azure models. All feature an exquisite Scarab Green exterior finish, a signature Mulliner development inspired by the iridescence of the Scarab beetle’s exo-skeleton. The interiors boast bespoke colorways of Mandarin and Cumbrian Green hide, paying homage to India’s national colors.

Key Elements

Key bespoke elements unite all five models in the Opulence Edition. The Scarab Green exterior, initially developed for Bentley’s coachbuilt barchetta, the Bacalar, sets the tone for the opulent design. Inside, the upholstery features Mandarin primary hide and Cumbrian Green secondary hide, complemented by a piano-finished fascia adorned with a chrome motif depicting wild horses and mountain peaks, traditional symbols of prosperity according to Indian Feng Shui.

The Vehicles

The meticulous craftsmanship of the Opulence Edition Continental GT Speed highlights its 659 PS performance, perfectly encapsulating the essence of a luxury Grand Tourer. The Flying Spur Speed, with its lavish specification and 626 bhp 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine, epitomizes performance and luxury in equal measure. Meanwhile, the Bentayga EWB Azure offers unrivaled space, comfort, and wellbeing, featuring the Bentley Dynamic Ride 48V active anti-roll control system for the ultimate driving experience.

Each model in the Opulence Edition represents a fusion of power, grace, and natural beauty, capturing the essence of Bentley’s commitment to luxury and exclusivity. With its unique design and bespoke craftsmanship, the Opulence Edition marks a significant milestone in Bentley’s legacy of excellence in automotive luxury.