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1km drag race at India Bike Week 2015

1km drag race at India Bike Week 2015
Written by Parichay Malvankar

If you were think you will have the usual bike displays and the common stunting scene at the India Bike Week 2015, read this…

India Bike Week 2015 will host a drag race which is compliant with the FMSCI. A 1 km drag strip will be specially built for the race and will be run by the Elite Octane team who hosts the Vally Run as well.

Interested participants can buy the drag race entry pass for Rs. 2,000 over here.

A vehicle may enter in only one of the following categories:

  • In Stock Category – Bikes, Exhaust system, Air filter, Mapping is allowed.
  • In Open Category – Bikes, NOS, Turbo etc. is allowed

Click on this link to check out the terms and conditions and the motorcycle classification for the drag race.

Riders will need to have a valid driving license and get a FMSCI competition license as well.

Other competitions such as fastest wheelie will also be organised.

Maximum number of entries for the drag race competition is set at 400 as of now.


  1. Minimum ISI standard Full face Helmets are compulsory. Motocross type helmets are not permitted.
  2. Full length ankle shoes, Knee guard, elbow guard all compulsory.
  3. Full-length leather gloves in sound condition are compulsory.
  4. Full sleeve jacket made of thick cord compulsory.
  5. Riding suits are compulsory (one piece or two piece – fully armoured).
1km drag race at India Bike Week 2015

1km drag race at India Bike Week 2015