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Honda Mobilio, Tata Safari, Indica & Indigo discontinued?

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Latest developments on Honda & Tata Motors have come to notice. Both brands have taken down models which were not really doing all that great in the sales department. Honda has taken down the Mobilio while Tata Motors have taken down the Safari Dicor, Indica & Indigo from the website. So, are these cars discontinued? No official statement yet, but it was about time…

Launched in July 2014, the Honda Mobilio was introduced as a rival to the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Clear cost cutting and nothing to appeal to the masses resulted in very poor sales volumes throughout its life cycle. Honda now has the BR-V in place, which is actually a rugged looking Mobilio with a few cosmetic changes which make it pose as an SUV. So it makes sense, that Honda wants only the BR-V on sale.

The Safari Dicor has had a long, long life. There is the new Safari Storme still on sale, and the Dicor has now been taken off the showrooms. This SUV was now showing its age, and didn’t come with all the latest bells & whistles or even safety features.

The Indica & Indigo eCS websites are also not up and running at the moment. Poor demand, and new cars from Tata Motors doing a fairly good job in driving sales is a good enough reason to pull the plug off these two old workhorses.