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Bajaj ‘Urbanite’ brand will have electric two-wheelers

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Seems like Bajaj want’s to capture the Indian two-wheeler market share in every possible way, and using multiple channels. Currently, Bajaj retails their own motorcycles and also has a separate channel to sell KTM range of motorcycles in India. The brand also recently revealed that they will launch Husqvarna motorcycles in India next year, and has also striked a deal with Triumph to build middle-weight motorcycles in our country.

Now, a new report suggests that Bajaj is working on a new brand codenamed as ‘Urbanite’. This Urbanite network is reportedly being developed to retail electric two-wheelers. The products sold under this nameplate would be urban, chic and aspirational. Also, Bajaj believes that electric is the future, and by 2020, they will have a range of EVs on sale.

More details if this electric model would be a scooter or a motorcycle are currently unknown.

If all this does turn into reality, Bajaj will have plenty of motorcycles on sale, starting from commuters, performance motorcycles in the form of KTM, big bikes from Triumph, and their own premium motorcycles. But, still no SCOOTERS!