Ride like a superhero with these replica riding suit

Want to look like a superhero riding a motorcycle. Is Batman the first thing on your mind? Well, you could suit up in protective gear to look like one. American firm UD Replicas has created two Batman suits and one Superman suit for Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent wannabes who want to ride their bikes whilst playing superhero.

The suits are made out of 2mm cowhide fused behind a lycra stretch outer skin and are stitched to a flexible anatomical ‘muscle’ structure. You’d have to shell out $1,564 for the Batman suits while the Superman suit goes for $1,396.

For now, this will only be available in the US

Cool or not, wearing this on the streets will surely help you grab some extra attention. Also, your kids would love it.

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Dev Jaising

Dev Jaising

Since his dad was an automobile dealer, Dev Jaising has grown up around cars and bikes. He runs an organic farm and uses this medium to express his love for nature & fresh produce. Loves driving cars, with a special soft corner for classic vintages (they don't make them like that anymore). Road trip fanatic and hopes to ride a Royal Enfield all the way to Ladakh, someday! "4 wheels move a body, 2 wheels move the soul"