SCOOP! All 2016 KTM bikes come with full time headlamp on (DRL)

KTM has always been proactive with upgrading their bikes with global standards be it performance, or safety.

Now, all 2016 make KTM bikes will come equipped with DRLs. This DRL is not just a LED strip, but the headlamp will remain on all the time.

KTM has removed the headlamp on / off switch from all their 2016 bikes which does not allow the customer to turn off the headlamp. This will aid visibility of the motorcycle all the time.

All bikes, which are the Duke 200, Duke 390, RC 200 & RC 390 will get full time headlamp on.

There’s no official announcement from the company about this change till now, and pricing details are also unknown.

The 2016 bikes will be available for purchase in the showroom very soon.

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Parichay Malvankar

Parichay Malvankar

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