Over optimistic Bajaj losing market share to competition

Once upon a time, Bajaj released an ad stating “Aage Nikal Rahe Hai Hum”; seems like those days were numbered. Once with an aim to give a tough fight to Hero MotoCorp for the #1 spot, Bajaj is now struggling to hold ground even at the #4 spot in the Indian two-wheeler industry.

What went wrong, we guess the strategy of launching multiple products under one brand.

Bajaj believes that the Pulsar & Discover range of bikes are so superior to the competition, that they can launch a plethora of motorcycles with varying engine capacities under the same name.

Over these years, Bajaj has launched:

  • Pulsar 135
  • Pulsar 150
  • Pulsar 180
  • Pulsar 200
  • Pulsar 220F
  • Pulsar 220S
  • Pulsar 200NS
  • Pulsar 160NS (upcoming)
  • Pulsar 200SS (upcoming)
  • Pulsar 400SS (upcoming)
  • Pulsar 400CS (upcoming)
  • Discover 100
  • Discover 1004G
  • Discover 100T
  • Discover 125
  • Discover 125T
  • Discover 125ST
  • Discover 135
  • Discover 150S
  • Discover 150F
  • Discover 125 (upcoming)

WHAT! How can a customer not get confused on what the company is trying to say. Launching almost the same bike with minor tweaks now and then, is the customer not learned enough to know what’s good and what’s bad?

Bajaj has now learnt it the hard way with TVS zooming ahead in terms of sales. Yet, the company will not accept the poor sales performance and opt to rant about being more profitable. But then, the products sometimes are substandard too.

The previous strategy of having separate commuter brands such as Boxer, XCD, etc. was much better to differentiate when a customer enters a showroom.

As of now, even the showroom guys will be confused what to pitch, with a new variant being pushed forward almost every 2 quarters.

Here’s what should and will work:

  1. QUALITY! It is a known fact that Bajaj bikes are relatively easy on your pockets, but also low on quality.
  2. Products visibly different from each other
  3. Scooters (Fast growing segment, and Bajaj needs to step in for better sales performance)

Now, Bajaj will launch 4 more Pulsars & a Discover this year.

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Parichay Malvankar

Parichay Malvankar

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