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Zontes announces GK350 cafe racer bike for India

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Zontes announced that it will enter the Indian market with 5 products. We have already taken a closer look at four of the five offerings so far. And now, last but not least, we have the GK350 Cafe Racer. The GK350 Cafe Racer is internationally available in three colour options. These include black with bronze detailing, white with red detailing and metallic black with blue detailing. As of now, we are not sure what colour options Zontes will bring to India. However, we hope it brings all of them to offer more choices to the buyers.

Besides the GK350, the Zontes product lineup will consist of the 350T & 350T ADV, 350X and 350R. All these motorcycles will share the same platform and engine. However, all of them will feature distinct styling to make them stand out from each other.

Zontes GK350 – Highlights

The Zontes GK350 looks like a typical cafe racer motorcycle. The bike gets a circular LED headlight with a circular LED DRL that stands out. Like the other Zontes products, the GK350 also features the Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System. The system allows for a complete keyless experience. The system also comes with advanced encryption technology for more safety.

The GK350 also comes with two riding modes – E and S. The E mode stands for Economy and offers better fuel efficiency for those long journeys. Meanwhile, the S mode, which stands for Sports, offers more performance when you are in the mood for some spirited riding. The E mode also switches automatically to S mode post 7,000 rpm when you need power for quick overtakes.

Other highlights of the GK350 include bar-end mirrors, lever protectors, dual-purpose tyres and more. The 320 mm front brake disc of the GK350 also gets a disc plate protective cover. The inclusion of this gives it a unique look to the bike.

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