ZF develops Dual-Lens camera for commercial vehicles

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

German Auto Component manufacturer ZF has developed a dual-cam two lens camera system to be used specifically on commercial trucks and the camera system can be used in conjunction with other ZF – ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

The dual-cam is part of the S-Cam4, which is ZF’s automotive grade cameras. The Dual-cam is designed to meet the industry regulations and has advanced features such as Lane Keeping Assist, Centring, Traffic Sign Detection, Object Detection, Pedestrian Detection, etc. The camera can detect all these above mentioned obstacles and enable Automatic Emergency Braking, making the system of paramount importance for vulnerable road users.

The brand employs the SEE-THINK-ACT system on its safety and autonomous driving technologies where the sensors can ‘See’ the surroundings, the computers can process the information, where the artificial intelligence system can ‘Think’ for the system and the intelligent mechanical systems can ‘Act’ to provide the vehicle control.

The single lens camera is capable of viewing 52-degrees and the limited field of view can sometimes fail to detect pedestrians and other vulnerable road users to actuate the braking system in time, particularly for larger trucks in complicated circumstances. The second lens, helps enable redundancy, even if one lens is blocked or blinded or has become non-functional. The camera could operate the safety systems, using the other lens.

ZF features the best-in-class optical performance in the automotive camera technology and when combined with other ZF ADAS such as forward and corner looking radar, traffic jam assist, lane change assist, etc., the technology can make trucking safer for everyone on the road.