You can park this BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic in your closet

Written by Akhil Dalvi

German two-wheeler manufacturer BMW Motorrad has announced the LEGO 1:5 scale model of its BMW M 1000 RR superbike. In collaboration with the LEGO Group, the scale model will go up for sale on January 1st, 2022. BMW Motorrad and LEGO’s main aim is to bring together the supreme racing technology of the 212 PS superbike. People can now build this set at home to create the highest-performance BMW superbike used in motorsports and road use.

BMW M 1000 RR LEGO set 1:5 Scale Model: Details 

The 1:5 scale model consists of 1,920 individual pieces and is 17 inches long and 10 inches tall. This makes the BMW M 1000 RR LEGO set, the largest motorcycle-set piece ever created with meticulous details. LEGO has ensured to focus on the technical information in order to mimic the real-life version of the superbike. The authenticity of the details within the 1:5 scale model will cater to LEGO model builders and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The finished model set gets the iconic BMW white, blue and red colour scheme just like the real-life superbike. LEGO has ensured to implement fully-functional components such as the three-speed gearbox, the upside-down front fork, and rear swingarm suspension. Meanwhile, the model LEGO set also gets a dashboard with three different display options and a gold-coloured drive chain. Other details of the LEGO BMW M 1000 RR include the paddock stand and the pit board for racing flair.

Launch Date and Prices

LEGO has announced the prices for the BMW M 1000 RR model set for the European and US markets. In Europe and the UK, the LEGO set will cost EUR 199.99 and GBP 174.99, respectively. Meanwhile, in the US market, LEGO has priced the BMW M 1000 RR set at USD 229.99. Customers can check out the model set at their nearest LEGO stores or on the official website from January 1st 2022. The brand has also stated that customers can buy the set from other retailers starting from March 1st 2022.

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