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You can now renew your driving licence online with Aadhar verification

Written by Nayak

There is some good news in the wake of this pandemic. Finally, RTO offices are going to be contactless and now citizens can avail most of the services from the comfort of their home. A recent notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), stated that certain RTO services will be made completely online. Leveraging the use of Aadhaar authentication, RTOs services will get more hassle-free and convenient for the citizens.

The Services Included In The Notification

MoRTH listed down a total of 18 services that will come under the online services and the citizens will take its benefit through their mobile devices and laptops. This step was very crucial as the number of cases of COVID-19 is again on a rise. RTOs are one of the most crowded places with people coming from all over the district and thus this online service is a major step towards decongesting the RTO offices across the country which will help stop the spread of the virus. This move will also reduce the bully of middlemen who were the first point of contact for anyone visiting the RTO office and were infamous for luring away citizens with high amount of charges to avail of the services.

MoRTH Going All Online

Recently, MoRTH is taking proactive steps to completely revamp the transportation system in the country. The introduction of FASTag was one such step that ensures fast movement of traffic on the highways of India and also reduces the travel time to a great extent. The use of FASTag is mandatory from 15th February and if any vehicle found without one will pay double the toll as a fine. The introduction of online RTO services was due for a long time and this is one step forward towards providing a hassle-free experience for the citizens. The list of RTO services now available online are as follows.