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Yamaha’s R25 self-balancing motorcycle project

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Last year, Yamaha showcased the Advanced Motorcycles Stabilisation Assist System or the AMSAS. This is a self-balancing motorcycle project. Now, the Japanese bike maker has worked upon it further and is now using a production YZF-R25 as a base for an electric-powered balance-assist bike.

How does the AMSAS work?

This technology works at speeds upto 8 km/h. The AMSAS helps stabilise the motorcycle in situations where it is more unstable. Hence, as the bike has less gyroscopic effect at lower speeds, there is inherently less vertical stability at such speeds.

The AMSAS uses a six-axis IMU, which is already in use on some of the bikes like the 2023 Tracer 9 GT+.

Another key point of this system is that the bike doesn’t require any frame modifications to incorporate AMSAS.

AMSAS R25 test prototype and further development

As of now, the system is undergoing the testing and further development is needed to bring it out to end customers. The bike currently has more hardware than necessary and as the development progresses, the company will trim the hardware of the system and make it more compact.

Yamaha aims to offer this system not just for motorbikes, but also other personal mobility applications like bicycles, to name an example.

Technology on the 2023 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT+

The Tracer 9 GT+ comes with a radar-linked Unified Brake System (UBS). According to Yamaha, the company is now working to incorporate the AMSAS to this tech. Hence, the plan is to use AMSAS together with other assist technologies like radar-linked UBS.

The project leader for AMSAS says that the team is almost 50 percent of the way in regards to the development of this system. Thanks to tech like the radar-linked UBS already making its way to production bikes, it won’t be long before AMSAS comes to a bike near you.

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