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Yamaha’s mileage challenge activity in Delhi – 98.18 kmpl achieved

Written by Nayak

To create awareness amongst its customers on the mileage of its 125cc Hybrid scooter model range, India Yamaha Motor (IYM) organized a mileage challenge activity. This happened at Yamaha’s authorized dealerships in the Delhi-NCR region on Sunday, i.e. 18th September 2022. This activity is under the name of ‘Mileage Challenge Activity’. A total of four dealerships collaborated with IYM to conduct this unique activity. This included JM Motors (Noida), Prime Automotive (Krishna Nagar, East Delhi), Ambuj Auto (Patparganj, East Delhi), and Shiva Auto (West Jyoti Nagar, East Delhi). Yamaha mentioned that more than 100 customers participated in this mileage challenge activity. The senior management members of Yamaha, along with all four Dealer VIPs and customers, were present for this event.

What Was The Mileage Challenge Activity Like?

The Mileage Challenge Activity initially began with a briefing session given to the participants. During this session, the contestants got tips on efficient riding behaviour and the route planned for the ride. After this, the contesting scooters fuelled up before they embarked on the 30-kilometre ride. The route for this challenge covered a mix of city traffic, undulations, and open roads. Hence the participants also got the chance to experience the scooter’s suspension, manoeuvrability, braking, acceleration, and initial pick-up.

After returning back to the venue, the scooters were refilled to match the earlier fuel level. Thus the amount of fuel used was recorded for mileage calculation. In this activity, Palvinder Kaur bagged the first position with a mileage figure of 98.18 kmpl. Second on the list was Nawaz Mustafa, with 95 kmpl. And then we had Anupam Mittal on third with again a 90+ kmpl figure, precisely at 91.30 kmpl. Yamaha offered all the visiting customers with souvenirs, a free water wash, and a 10-point inspection of their vehicles. Meanwhile, the below top 5 winners received trophies, certificates, and gift cards for achieving the highest mileage.

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