Yamaha & Samsung develop Smart Windshield Concept

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Yamaha and Samsung are jointly working on the development of a ‘Smart Windshield’ concept that will allow the motorcyclists to gain access to their smartphones when on move.

Information like calls, text messages, etc. are displayed on windshield through a transparent screen. The clear screen also allows the rider to have a uninterrupted view of the road ahead. This is much like the HUD (Head Up Display) seen on luxury cars.

The smartphone can be connected through WiFi to the system which will let the rider gain control over the essentials like GPS navigation, email, messaging and incoming calls. Rider can also use the system to play music during the ride.

Also, the system is completely hands free in terms of usability.

Ducati has already incorporated similar tech on the Multistrada 1200.

It’s still in a concept form, but if the tests go the right way, Samsung might soon be launching this tech.