Yamaha reveals two-wheeler AMT gearbox tech

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Yamaha has announced that the brand has developed a new Automated Manual Transmission technology which will launch on multiple Yamaha motorcycles in the near future. The Yamaha РAutomated Manual Transmission or Y-AMT offers an  advanced gear shifting technology adding a new dimension to sport riding and offers an immersive riding experience as well as ease of use in bumper to bumper traffic situations. In addition to this, the Y-AMT also comes with two choices Рa finger operated manual shift (MT) or a two-mode fully automatic transmission (AT).

What is Y-AMT?

Yamaha has also reveals that the Y-AMT system will offer a more refined connection to the brain than the feet when the rider uses the seamless transmission system. As the human hand is a tactile and sensitive organ and one of the most powerful tools that the body has, shifting-gears with hands is not only quicker but requires less thinking time, as compared to the foot-and-hand combination in conventional manual transmission motorcycles. This also helps rider to hyper-focus on the throttle and brake application, body position, lean angle, and tyre grip levels. While cornering, thanks to the Y-AMT system the rider need not move their left foot from the foot peg. This allows the rider to focus more on the body positioning and weight distribution through the foot pegs, enhancing the control of the motorcycle. The brand even claims that the Y-AMT is more immersive than its quick shifter technology.

Automatic & Manual Modes

In the Manual Transmission mode, gear shifts are controlled with the index finger and thumb, via two see-saw shifting lever. The system features a plus lever for upshifts and a minus lever for downshifts on the switch cubes. The switch system comes with a plus lever that can also be pulled to shift up and pushed to shift down with the index finger alone. This allows the rider to keep the thumb wrapped securely around the handlebar. The Automatic Transmission mode offers two Mode options – D and D+ which can be toggled through a dedicated Mode button on the right switch cube. The fully-automatic D mode offers a softer gear shift experience, while maintaining a low rpm. The D+ mode offers a sporty gear change by shifting later in the rev range. The AT shift mode offers confidence and ease of use of the motorcycle at low speeds, and in urban riding environments.

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