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Yamaha reveals official accessories for FZ-X motorcycle

Written by Nayak

Yamaha, which recently launched the new FZ-X, now lists all the accessories available with the motorcycle. Customers who want to give their bike some extra touches can visit Yamaha’s official website and have a look at all the listed accessories for the FZ-X. These accessories will also be available via all the Yamaha dealerships in India. This new FZ-X will compete in the now popular modern-classic segment, witnessing steady growth for the past few years. Yamaha has put on a generous sticker price of INR 1,16,800 for the new FZ-X (ex-showroom), and we wait to see how customers react to this product.

List Of Accessories Available For FZ-X

Seat Cover & Tank Pads

Starting with an essential accessory, which is the seat cover. Yamaha is offering the official seat cover with the FZ-X at INR 300. This seat cover matches the FZ-X’s design completely and hence gives the motorcycle a more enhanced look. Second on the list is the tank pad, which is a must-have for those riding with jackets and belts regularly. Thus stylish tank pad protects the body from scratching and adds an elegant outlook to the FZ-X. Yamaha has put on a sticker price of INR 400 for this tank pad. Another essential accessory is the motorcycle cover, which Yamaha is providing at the cost of INR 400.

Chrome Mirrors & LED Indicators

Customers will also have an option to equip Chrome Mirrors to their FZ-X, which is available for INR 800. This accessory will help differentiate the FZ-X from the rest of the pack. The LED flashers are available for INR 1,490 (set of 2 pieces). This is an accessory that aids the motorcycle both aesthetically and practically. The LED flashers are way brighter and also last longer than the normal bulb flasher. In addition to this, these LED flashers also consume less power and improve nighttime visibility.

Footrest and Engine Guard

The rear footrest is a necessary accessory for the Indian market, allowing the pillow riders to keep their legs in comfort. This is available at INR 400. Yamaha is also providing an Engine guard with the FZ-X as an accessory. This helps in protecting the rider’s legs in case of any direct contact. This accessory also helps in avoiding damage to the motorcycle in any minor mishaps. Yamaha has set an asking price of INR 800 for this engine guard.

Bike Cover

The Yamaha FZ-X also gets a body cover as an accessory option. The body cover is priced at INR 400 and protects the vehicle from sun, dust and rains when parked.

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