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Yamaha opens bookings for electric motor with 350 kW output

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Yamaha Motor has announced that the brand has developed an electric motor with the industry-leading output density. The brand has opened the order books for the new electric motor from April 2021. The brand has been developing the electric motor for application in automobiles and other mobility applications, since 2020.

Hyper-EV Applications

Yamaha has been receiving commissions since last year to develop prototype electric motors with a power density of 35–200 kW. However the company developed a prototype electric motor with the maximum output in the 350 kW class. The electric units runs an 800V operating architecture with the intention for use on Hyper-EV models and other high-output applications.

Yamaha Electric Motor

The powerful electric motor features mechanical and electrical components as a single unit, integrating the gear and inverter. The leads to a compact electric motor unit and give the capability of installation and use of multiple units on a single vehicle. The Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor is cooled using oil. Yamaha can also tweak the cooling method and the output according to the client needs.

Manufacturing the Electric Motor

Yamaha will leverage its production technology and know-how in the field of casting, machining and assembly giving the company flexibility to adapt to the needs of motorcycles and other products. The brand is also able to develop prototype motors tailoring to the specific requirements according to the needs of the clients.

Launch Timeline

Yamaha plans to showcase the 350 kW class electric motor unit at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021. Along with the 350 kW unit Yamaha will also showcase other electric motor prototypes. The prototypes will debut between 26th May-28 May 2021 at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 in Yokohama, Japan.

Recently, Piaggio Group signed a letter of intent with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, Honda Motor Co., Ltd and KTM AG to set up a consortium enabling the brands to use swappable battery system for electric Motorcycles and Light Electric Vehicles. To know more Click Here.

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