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Yamaha developing motorcycle power steering system

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Yamaha has announced that the brand is working on a motorcycle power steering system. The Japanese brand has revealed the early prototype of the power steering system, which is likely to go into production in the near future. The company has revealed that the new power steering will make its debut on MX race bikes this year.

Yamaha Motorcycle Power Steering – How Does it Work?

Yamaha has revealed that the steering support system uses a torque sensor, magnet technology and an actuator. The three combine to offer steering damper benefits at high speeds and steering assist input at low speeds. Thanks to the unique steering system, riders can enjoy improved stability with reduced fatigue at high speeds. Also, the system provides assisted steering, which helps keep the steering light and improve agility at low speeds. The steering will also help riders in both stability and agility in rough conditions. Yamaha also reveals that the assistive intervention system also offers a completely natural feel.

All Japan Yamaha Factory Race Team to be Fitted With the Unique Power Steering

Furthermore, Yamaha revealed that Australian racer Jay Wilson has tested the lightweight power steering system. Wilson is currently working for the factory and competing with the All Japan Yamaha Factory Race Team. Also, Yamaha will fit the unique new system on the All Japan Motocross Championship YZ450FM and YZ250F motocross racers. 

Yamaha has already been testing the magnetostrictive system for detecting torque on the brand’s electrically power-assisted bicycles. However, employing the unique system in race conditions will help Yamaha gain real-world R&D feedback. The data acquired from the top-level motocross competition will help the brand accelerate the system’s refinement. The brand also aims to equip a cross-section of its motorcycles with the innovative EPS system. This will provide riders with greater levels of fun, safety, and comfort. 

Technical details on the future production model fitment are yet to be released.

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