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Yamaha adds ‘Blue Square’ Premium Outlet in Coimbatore & Erode

Written by Nayak

Yamaha has announced the opening up of its second ‘Blue Square’ outlet in Coimbatore and Erode, in Tamil Nadu. The showroom in Coimbatore has a total area of 1,710 sq. ft, meanwhile, the showroom in Erode covers a total of 1,600 sq. ft. Both the showroom setups ensure a 3 S facility, thus offering, sales, services and spares. Yamaha mentioned that these showrooms represent Yamaha’s racing DNA of excitement, style and sportiness. These Yamaha’s ‘Blue Square’ showrooms are designed to offer a sense of community. They aim to create a space for customers to connect with the legacy of a brand like Yamaha. Moreover, to match the brand’s iconic blue shade, these outlets get a blue theme interior.

Yamaha’s Blue Square Chain Of Showrooms

Yamaha’s premium Blue Square outlets also showcase genuine accessories, apparel and spare parts. To further enhance the experience, these showrooms also feature a cafe. This serves as a platform for customers to connect with each other and gain information about the brand as well. With these ‘Blue Square’ showrooms, Yamaha wants to imbibe the rich history of global motorsports to the customers.

Given the shift in working culture that now includes more digitalization, Yamaha’s Blue Square showrooms provide a compelling experience. Furthermore, these outlets also serve as a communication platform for customers to interact with the brand. Customers can get their queries resolved on any topic related to Yamaha and its services.

Current Operations

Currently, Yamaha operates 23 Blue Square outlets in Tamil Nadu, this includes both the new outlets that have come up in Coimbatore and Erode. Across India, Yamaha has its Blue Square showrooms in Karnataka, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and the other North-Eastern States. As the number of showrooms grows in number, Yamaha will have a bigger target audience. This will further help them in expanding the business, thus boosting the sales figure.

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