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XUV500 now gets extended warranty

Mahindra has recently introduced an extended warranty for its XUV500 SUV. Previously, the car could be purchased only with a three year / 1,00,000 kilometres standard warranty.

What might sound like a welcome move, owners or aspiring buyers will now be happy to be backed up with a longer warranty period against the niggles which might be faced during the ownership period.

One can buy the fourth year / 1,20,000 kilometres extended warranty at approximately Rs. 13,000 – Rs. 16,000. Also, one can buy the fourth and fifth year / 1,50,000 kilometes combined extended warranty for approximately Rs. 21,000 – Rs. 23,000. Extended warranty is being offered on all models of the XUV500.

Apart from the extended waranty, Mahindra is also offering an extended roadside assistance package for up to 5 years. Apart from the standard roadside assistance, what you get extra with this package is – flatbed towing service for free to the nearest service centre, taxi fare for the customer to the nearest service station and up to 5 litres of free fuel, just in case the car runs out of diesel.