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Xiaomi reveals A1 and A1 Pro electric scooter, cheaper than OnePlus!

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Chinese Smartphone and electrical appliances manufacturer, Xiaomi corporation well known in India for their advanced but affordable smartphone in India has introduced two new electric scooters in China called the A1 and A1 Pro at the price starting USD 420 which roughly converts to INR 32,000. 

In terms of styling, the Xiaomi A1 and the A1 Pro feature a boxy design with dual-tone exterior paint, flat single-seat, ergonomic upright handlebars, a flat front apron with a square LED headlamp unit, LED tail lights, telescopic front fork, twin rear shocks, 14-inch alloy wheels, disc brakes on the front wheel and a hub-mounted motor on the rear. The electric scooters also gets a full-colour touchscreen instrument cluster with built-in GPS navigation and an HD camera to record rides for upto 90 minutes. 

The Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro measure 1610 mm in length, 680 mm in width and 1040 mm in height and are powered by a 400W brushless motor. The China-spec model can do abut 25 kmph and gets a claimed range of 60 km on the A1 which is powered by a 7.68 kWh battery and a 70 km range on the A1 Pro that is powered by a larger 9.6 kWh capacity battery pack. The batteries are user-removable and portable and can be charged at home or office by simply removing them from the scooter and using a standard charging socket in approximately 7.5 hours. Both the A1 and the A1 Pro have provisions to attach pedals incase the user runs out of juice

The A1 and A1 Pro with their single-seat and limited top speeds make the electric scooter compliant with Chinese road laws and is positioned as a personal mobility vehicle. Will the Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro come to the Indian streets is still a question and the brand has not yet revealed any plans as of now, but considering the brand’s popularity in the Indian market and the booming electric two-wheeler industry, it is very much possible that the brand will launch the scooters in the Indian market in the coming months.

Last year the brand also revealed the Himo C20 e-bike which comes in an aluminium alloy frame and the pedal-assisted bike comes with a 36V 18650 Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 10 Ah connected to a DC brushless type motor with 250 watts of power.