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Would you buy an electric KTM scooter?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Electric bikes have been the new buzz of the decade. Looking at the ever increasing fuel prices and pollution within metropolitan cities, the next best option is to go green or ‘EV’. Electric vehicles are often cleaner and more efficient than their conventionally fuel powered counterparts and leave a smaller carbon footprint, of course, that depends on where the EVs’ power is sourced from, meaning if the electricity is collected using renewable resources, such as solar, wind, hydro-electric and even geothermal heat. This new eco-friendly and the environmentally conscious world has given rise to the development of various electric bike manufacturers, and it is certainly the future.

One such company that is now ready to enter the electric world is KTM. Yes the power sports motorcycle manufacturer which we all love are developing an e-scooter. After its success in various motorsports like MotoGP & Dakar, KTM has now turned its eyes towards the urban EV world.

As seen in the spy shots, the KTM e-scooter has a single steel down-tube for the frame and some large wheels, 19-inch wheels in the front and a 15-inch rear wheel is seen. It is sort of a cross between a large mountain bike and a scooter. It will most likely have a proper two-wheeler body for better aerodynamics and batteries will be placed in the footwell to keep a low centre of gravity. The KTM e-scooter will most likely have a LCD display which we have seen on other e-scooters such as the Ather 450 already in the Indian market.

The e-scooter will be simple to operate and should give a range of 35 to 40 km on a single charge, which is enough for most commutes and intra-city travel. It may also include a quick charge system. Top speeds could be around 55 kmph and the number plate on the back suggests it will have to be register with the authorities, unlike some e-scooters.

In India, if at all it arrives, it will compete with the likes Ultraviolette’s upcoming EV and the already launched Ather scooter and the likes.