Why one should wear a helmet, ALWAYS!

Why one should wear a helmet, ALWAYS!
Written by Paarth Powale

As avid bikers, we’d always recommend a full gear, even for short rides. But if not full gear, a full face helmet, at least, is a must.

We’ve always got into an argument with people who don’t wear a helmet, and we get to hear the most irrational reasons which has no basis and are just myths. Let us break some myths for you.

Myth 1: Helmets lessen peripheral vision
This is a common reason I get to hear from people and it makes no sense at all. Normal peripheral vision is between 200° and 220°. Safety standards like DOT (Department of Transportation standard) and ECE 22.05 (Economic Commission for Europe) require that the helmet provide 210° vision. ISI does not mention any such norm. So if you have any of these certified helmets the helmet does not obstruct your vision, at all.

Myth 2: Helmets cause neck and spinal cord injury
This is not true, research has proven that helmets decrease the number of head and spinal injuries. Buying the right lid is important. Some high-end helmets weigh less than 1.5 kg and do not strain your neck. In India, we now have multiple & reputed helmet brands which retail lids at less than Rs. 3000 with good crash protection abilities as well.

Myth 3: Helmets prevent hearing significant traffic noise
Research proves that helmets do not affect the riders ability to hear. In fact it cuts down the annoying wind noise and the wind-blast on your face. Prolonged wind noise to your ears can even cause partial hearing damage.

Now that you know you can’t run away by giving reasons why you don’t want to wear a helmet, let us tell you why you should wear one.

Crashes do happen, we can’t always predict when or what kind they will be. Maximum number of fatalities in a motorcycle accident are due to head injuries. Which means Helmet use is not a “cure-all” for motorcyclist safety, but in a crash, a helmet can help protect your brain, your face, and most importantly – your life.

Apart from safety, a good helmet makes the experience more fun, it helps increase focus and even reduce fatigue on long rides.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is a symbol of being a responsible rider. No matter what the law says wearing one is a projection of your attitude towards motorcycling and yourself… that you’re serious about it.

So to conclude we’d say, pick up your helmet when you pick up your ignition key… either they go together, or they don’t go at all.

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