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Wellness Forever will use EVs for medicine deliveries

Written by Nayak

BLive has announced its partnership with Wellness Forever Healthcare (WF). As a part of this, the aim is to create a sustainable green mobility solution for the delivery of their products. The rising fuel costs and pollution are a big challenge that a host of companies are facing. Thus, the transition to EVs for their deliveries is growing in numbers. The main focus is to ensure the delivery of items within 60 minutes through their retail outlets. Thus, BLive came into the picture with a tailor-made solution by assessing various existing EVs. And thus finding the right custom vehicle to fit WF’s requirements.

BLive Plans For The Partnership

BLive leverages its expertise in EV and offers a cost-effective rental solution. This will reduce the running cost of Wellness Forever by about 80 per cent and make the brand one of the early medical chains to go green for their delivery operations. To help make the switch smooth, BLive connected Wellness Forever with their ecosystem partner Epick. During the deployment, 18 E-bikes will be handed over to 9 branch managers in the state of Karnataka.

Initially, they will cover areas in and around Bangalore and Belgaum. Going forward, in the long term Wellness Forever aims for a 100 per cent replacement of ICE vehicles with EVs. The switch to E-bike with low-cost maintenance and per km running cost combined with efficient last-mile delivery will also benefit customers. Even with conservative estimates of 10 orders per day, this partnership will impact the lives of thousands of Consumers.

More importantly, this will also contribute to the Government of India’s mission of reducing the country’s carbon footprint. BLive plans to deploy more than 250 EVs for Wellness Forever nationally, thus creating a larger impact on the environment and encouraging people to make their shift to green mobility.

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