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Volvo plans new 3-cylinder engines for 60-series cars

Volvo plans new 3-cylinder engines for 60-series cars
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Volvo is planning to introduce new 3-cylinder engines on the 60-series models in the near future.

Currently under development, Volvo claims that these new engines will not compromise on performance and refinement levels. The new 3-cylinder motors are also expected to be more efficient than the current line-up. Reports suggest that these new engines are a derivative of the 4-cylinder Drive-E motors.

This new turbocharged 1.5L, 3-cylinder gasoline engines will be able to produce up to 180 BHP of power, without any hybrid power. Also, these motors meet up to Euro 7 emission norms.

The new engines will take a couple of years to be launch ready and will also be shared by Geely in the Chinese market.

Expect these new engines to make an Indian debut with the next-generation S60 and XC60 in India.

Source – Autoweek