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Volvo launches new FM & FMX series trucks in India

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Volvo has launched the new FM and FMX series trucks in the Indian market. The new trucks come with upgraded features such as increased cab volume, a larger windscreen, lower door window lines, and new mirrors. Volvo claims that it will help the driver improve visibility and peripheral vision by 10%. The improvements have also led to 1000 litres of added space inside the cabin. The roomier cabin will reduce the driver’s fatigue and, in turn, reduce the turn-around time of the vehicle. The newly improved visibility from the cabin will also increase the safety quotient of the vehicle as the driver will have lesser blind spots.

Volvo Technology

The Volvo FM and FMX series truck also come with upgrades such as a new i-Shift lever. The new electronic gear shifter comes with updated software. The trucks also get additional drive modes to improve the efficiency of the motor. The brand has also updated the engine management system to optimise the new trucks. Also, the trucks now feature an i-Roll function that maximises fuel efficiency. The i-Roll function automatically disconnects the engine from the transmission allowing the truck to coast and reduce fuel consumption.

Volvo Safety

The FM and FMX trucks will also get Electronic Braking System (EBS) and a downhill cruise control system. This will help the driver by offering more control over the truck on downslopes and improve safety. The FMX-series truck also comes with an additional passenger corner camera for safety. The brand also offers four provisions to add more cameras to the truck. The feed from the camera can be displayed on a 12-inch driver interface.

In Other News

Volvo’s passenger vehicle segment has announced that the brand will offer 24×7 Customer Service Support in the Indian market. The brand has formed a new team that will be responsible for handling roadside assistance for customers in distress. Customers can reach out by dialling 18001029100 to avail themselves of the emergency services.

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