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Volvo discontinues XC40 petrol variants; only EV available.

Written by Kanad Kalasur

In a strategic move, Volvo has silently phased out the petrol variant of its popular XC40 model in India. The decision reflects a decisive shift towards promoting electric mobility, with the SUV now exclusively available in its pure electric form.

Volvo XC40 : More Details

The XC40 facelift, introduced to the Indian market in September of the previous year was initially offered a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. This was paired with a 48V mild-hybrid system. The unit generated a formidable 197 BHP and 300 Nm and the petrol engine was coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission. This provided a dynamic driving experience.

Reports had circulated, hinting at Volvo’s contemplation of discontinuing the petrol version, particularly in light of the enthusiastic reception received by the XC40 Recharge in India.

Volvo XC40 Recharge : Powertrain details

The XC40 Recharge, emblematic of Volvo’s commitment to sustainable mobility. The electric car features two electric motors producing an impressive 402 BHP and 660 Nm. The electric SUV is powered by a robust 79 kWh battery pack and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in a swift 4.9 seconds. Volvo claims a maximum range of 418 km, emphasizing the vehicle’s practicality for daily commutes. Notably, the battery pack can be rapidly recharged from 10% to 80% in just 28 minutes using a fast charger, addressing common concerns about electric vehicle charging times.

With this shift in focus towards electric mobility, Volvo aims to align with the evolving preferences of Indian consumers and contribute to the country’s growing electric vehicle landscape. The discontinuation of the petrol variant signifies a strategic move by the automaker to bolster its presence in the electric vehicle segment, responding to the accelerating demand for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options.

Volvo Cars in India

Volvo first came to India back in 2007. Today, the Swedish brand has 24 dealerships across India. Cars like the all-electric XC40 Recharge, XC90 SUV, the mid-size SUV XC60, the compact luxury SUV XC40 and the luxury sedan S90 are being locally assembled at the company’s Bangalore plant.

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