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Volvo Cars Safety Centre crash lab is 20 years old, 1 brand new Volvo crash tested daily

Written by Nayak

The Volvo Cars Safety Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Known as one of the advanced car safety test centre in the world, this has been an integral factor in building Volvo cars which are widely commended for their safety features. The centre was first started in the year 2000 and was one of the finest and advanced test centre of that time.

The aim for Volvo is that one is ever killed by or inside a Volvo car and hence the tech-driven centre helps them to recreate real-life scenarios and develop their technology. Volvo as a company is committed to providing the best in class safety so that others can follow on their path and this as a whole reduce the traffic casualties worldwide.

The test centre has two test track each of length 108 and 154 metres long. On these tracks, various traffic situations are created so as not to leave out any margin for error. The shorter track is mobile and can be set up in various angles between 0 to 90 which allows crashing two cars at any angle with speeds of up to 120 kmph. There are various other test scenarios like roll-over crashes, run-off road situations and much more. This place also acts as a place where rescue workers work on their operations with real-time situations and improve their skills.

There are a lot of different types of equipment inside the centre like an enormous crash barrier weighing 850 tonnes which can be used for all sorts of collisions like side, front and rear impact. In addition to that, there are various test dummies and barrier which are connected to electronic sensors that help Volvo engineers to get precise and accurate test results capturing every detail and help in analysing the situation very comprehensively.

High-definition cameras are connected throughout the centre which helps in the proper analysis of the crashes in image and video format. With the growing number of electric cars, which undergo some different sort of test is also carried in the same centre. Volvo is one of the famous car brands in the world which are very much known for its approach towards the safety of the passengers.